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Feb 11, 2019

What To Consider When Starting A Kitchen Remodel

Transforming your kitchen into the family-friendly or functional space of your dreams can be an exciting undertaking, but without the right guidance right off the bat that project, that was enthusiasm, can quickly turn into slight defeat. We wanted to help those of you who might be in the beginning phases of remodeling your kitchen into your dream kitchen.

First and foremost.

Having a realistic and thought out timeline. A kitchen remodel typically will have three phases: the design/idea phase, the cabinetry and building phase, then the installation phase. Unfortunately, if you're not following a timeline, there could be a fourth phase called the "oh no" phase. On average we say you should allow 8 to 12- weeks for the design phase to achieve a beautiful, functional kitchen, both in your head and on paper. During the design phase, is when you and your designer (if you have one) are deciding on the layout of the space and discussing essential elements such as cabinetry, finishes, tile, color schemes, etc. Once these selections have been made, the 8 to 12-week manufacture phase begins followed by the installation phase which is the shortest of them all taking 4 to 6-weeks.


Being aware of lead times when ordering products. Make sure you are especially aware of any products that require long-lead times for ordering, such as custom cabinetry, certain tile and stone products and custom-fabricated slab (those beautiful waterfall islands). Custom cabinetry can take three to four months to build and ship to your home from the time you approve the order. Semi-custom cabinets take between four to eight weeks. If you want granite countertops, it is in your best interest to select and tag the actual slab you like at the location where slabs are displayed so you can see the variations in color veining.

Consider how you want your kitchen to feel. Let your feelings feed your visions. When it comes to making decisions about design, you should always start with a vision. This is where most designs start because we are continually being influenced by the outside world – magazines, Pinterest, and other creative facets. Most people will start with the basics, picking a style that fits them - is it traditional, contemporary, or transitional? Maybe it's a combination of 2, or even all 3. Even if you don't know exactly what you like, most likely you know what you don't like, that narrows down selections a lot. Now is also the time to think about colors, and elements of your dream kitchen. Above all, the kitchen needs to be functional, so deciding on elements such as island shape, cabinetry placement and things like having a cook's kitchen over lets say, a showcase kitchen, is an essential first step; from there you can narrow down recommendations to make the process enjoyable and creative.

Consider what is worth the investment. It's a known fact that doing a kitchen remodel isn't cheap, and the facts don't lie. Throughout the whole process, you will probably be looking for ways to cut costs and lessen the wallet blow. The cost of materials like cabinets, appliances, and countertops can quickly add up. But, when creating a beautiful kitchen within a budget, there are some ways to stretch your dollar. You can do this by investing in timeless cabinets that will stand the test of time, increasing the thickness of your countertops past standard to give you a more luxurious look, and choosing an interesting edge cut. Additionally, splurging on things like appliances and lighting, that could be costly to replace or repair in the future, will give you the most bang for your buck. Back to cabinetry, it will, more than likely, be the most significant expense, but consider it money well spent. Purchase the best quality cabinetry you can afford. Investing in quality elements and materials will help your kitchen remodel withstand the test of time.

Last but certainly not least...

Consider enlisting a specialist. The average kitchen remodel project requires about 2,500 decisions. A specialist or designer will help make these decisions easier by guiding you to the best options to suit your style while still considering your need for function. In addition to helping you plan your dream kitchen, they will help you pick out the right materials and finishes, and provide you with architectural drawings and mock-ups to help you envision it. The best thing you can do when it comes to a kitchen remodel is to get the help of a specialist. It will prevent the "phase 4" we mentioned at the top (a.k.a the "oh no" phase).

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