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Oct 01, 2020

Time to Sell?

It is crazy to think that when this pandemic started, everyone anticipated a clean break in a few months. Back in March, everyone was still planning their summer vacations to warm destinations. Yet here we are coming into October and COVID-19 has shaped our lives in ways that a lot of us have yet to recognize.

Over the course of the late 19th and early 20th centuries the US saw years of industrialization. As a result, about 11 million citizens moved to cities and suburbs. The main driving force behind this migration to city life was the second Industrial Revolution. On the heels of the Civil War, new technologies were on the rise: telephones, automobiles, electricity, among other things. All of the business and factories that were at the center of this boom were located in the nation’s cities and towns. So, in order to have steady work, Americans who had previously lived on farms or ranches began moving.

Now that cities have become hot spots for outbreaks, there is a rush back out to the more rural areas that 1790s America knew all too well. People with homes in condensed cities such as San Francisco and New York are jumping at the chance to move somewhere with less dense populations. As a result, the housing market is insane. From people outright selling their city homes and buying in more rural areas to people investing in second homes in the same areas, we are seeing a housing boom. Houses are being bought quicker than they can be listed.

So, I want to discuss selling. To sell a home right now is to stand on a street corner and pass out $100 bills – everyone wants one and they are gone in a matter of minutes. While your home worked for you, you are selling it for some reason or another:

You now work from home and therefore, anywhere.

Your kid stopped playing soccer but the moms still want to hang out.

Your neighbors are a group of college-aged guys who think the drums sound best when played at midnight.

Whatever it may be, you want your home to be appealing to potential buyers, regardless of the market at the moment. Even if the vast majority of your house is in acceptable condition, there may be that one room that could cause buyers to turn and run upon first sight. Most real estate agents advise that sellers fix surface or cosmetic things in the hopes that it will aid the sale of the rest of the house. Let's dive in to a few common fixes that make a huge difference.


While countertops are a personal choice, they are a highly visible home finish. What you think is cool and funky might be a turn off to potential buyers. If you choose to replace countertops before selling, you should not over-invest in the material. If the countertops in your home are long overdue for an update, this option could be a good decision for you. Countertops are everywhere so if the material that is covering much of your home is an eye-sore, potential buyers will be wary. If you choose to take this route, make sure to do some research on cost-effective materials and what are commonly chosen colors and materials.

Hardware Fixtures

New cabinet and door hardware is an easy and quick way to upgrade your home. Swapping out those old, tarnished cabinet handles in your kitchen and bath might take you one whole afternoon if you choose to install them yourself. While individually, hardware is seemingly cheap compared to other home finishes, be wary of how many you end up purchasing. When it comes to selling a house, upgrade and update the spaces that are heavy hitters like the bathrooms and kitchen. There is no need to outfit the entire house with new hardware.

New Paint

This one is super easy and a no-brainer. Give everything a fresh coat of paint. If you have any rooms that are bold colors, most relators will suggest painting over with white. In the similar spirit of countertops, just because you love bright orange walls does not mean that everyone will enjoy bright orange walls.

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