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Aug 01, 2022

Self-Care Is How You Take Your Power Back

As the summer begins to wind down, we would like to take a look at a very important human priority: Wellness. August is National Wellness Month and we couldn't think of a better way to help bring awareness by suggesting some products that would greatly help to improve your mood, health, and over all well-being. Whether you are working on finding your inner peace, or if you have already achieved a state of nirvana, allow us to present a few options that may improve on your psyche.

Let us begin with something that is a little more under the surface than most of our blog posts so far.

Microban is a company dedicated to reducing and eliminating the bacterial and fungal microbes that cause odors, stains, mold, and mildew. While most disinfectants require constant re-use and perpetual upkeep, the antimicrobial technology integrated by Microban works to continuously reduce the microbes on a treated product throughout its expected lifecycle.

When you purchase a product with Microban technology infused inside, you are purchasing cleanliness. Not only do you have the convenience of longer times needed between cleanings, you also have the knowledge that your product will not cause you or your health any problems. Just as important, the additive does not wear or wash off, and it will continually work to reject any harmful microbes that make contact with the surface of any product; a rare peace of mind in today's world.

Allow us to highlight some manufactures that we work with, that support this Microban technology.

Daltile has an entire line titled, "DEFEND." Backed by the technology at Microban, the antimicrobial treatment is built directly into the tile. The technology penetrates the cell wall of each microbe and stops 99% of bacteria from reproducing and growing on your surfaces.

When it comes to surfaces you want protected, the floor upon which you walk should be your top priority. When it comes to said floor, look no further than Aristry Hardwood Flooring for your Microban needs. The antimicrobial solution is UV cured and built-into the top two layers of coating, allowing for a clean, germ free, and gorgeous wood floor.

GE Appliances also incorporates Microban in a unique way. Using the technology in both washers and dishwashers, GE uses Microban in all of those small crevices that tend to trap water and bacteria. From handles, control panels, filters, and gaskets, the UltraFresh System from GE Profile will keep bacteria from forming even in places that remain damp or wet.

Perhaps one of the most beneficial products for wellness has to be Mr. Steam. Mr. Steam is a steam shower system allowing you to relax in your shower, as well as reap multiple health benefits. A steam shower can benefit your skin, hair, circulation, musculoskeletal health, and can even offer an anti-aging perk. From steam shower generators, to shower controls, and even shower heads, use Mr. Steam to turn your shower into your own personal spa. We encourage you to explore their page, dedicated to every benefit steam showers can offer you.

Earth Elements has everything you need to keep your body and mind in top shape. Make an appointment with one of our talented product specialists and they will guide you along the way to germ-free and clean living bliss.

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