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Feb 01, 2022

Romanticizing Design

When the subject of romance comes to mind, don't let design fall to the wayside. A romantic space is easily attainable with the right mindset. For the month of February, allow us to entice you into the more subtle romantic nature of a few of our products and design aesthetics. From wine storage, to gorgeous fireplace stone, Earth Elements has the right product to tempt your senses and allure your mind.

Westye Bakke launched Sub-Zero Freezer Company in 1945, introducing the first system for preserving food at ultra-low temperatures—literally sub-zero. The company would quickly establish a reputation for quality and innovation. Staying true to Westye’s earliest pioneering efforts, Sub-Zero continues to refine and invent ways to preserve your food’s freshness and reduce waste. Inspired by Westye’s desire to build the best, Sub-Zero has never compromised on quality. The materials, premium grade; the technologies, state of the art; the craftsmanship, of the caliber expected in the world’s finest homes.

Sub-Zero wine storage units are more than just coolers; they are guardians against heat, humidity, vibration, and light—the four enemies that can rob wine of its complexity, character, and taste.


Sub-Zero wine preservation blends superior-grade materials, advanced technologies, and a 70-year tradition of American craftsmanship to defeat the enemies of wine—temperature, humidity, light, and vibration.

Do you know what compliments a delicious glass of wine? A tantalizing fireplace. Earth Elements specializes in designing, fabricating, and installing gorgeous pieces of stone from any of our suppliers. Take that tempting stone and wrap your fireplace with it. This month we are highlighting one particular stone supplier: Da Vinci Mable.

In the spirit of the great Renaissance artist, Leonardo Da Vinci, everyone at Da Vinci Marble strives to be a master of stone. And like Leonardo, they have a reverence for the inherent beauty of natural stone and a deep appreciation for materials that fuse the past and the present. They believe these timeless materials should be part of modern life. When it comes to achieving the best outcomes for their products, they combine their expertise with an informed eye to help anyone use slabs and stones, along with their vast array of other products, to create beautiful interiors and exteriors—at any scale and budget.

Da Vinci Marble hand selects the best products available on the market. From mountaintop quarries in Italy, to the Greek isles, to ancient Moroccan cities and beyond, they are always searching for hidden treasures. Their partners have learned to respect their fastidious approach to selecting only the very best materials—you'll never find inferior products in their warehouse. Every hue, vein, and texture is chosen to help you transform spaces into environments that are at once warm, elegant, and functional.

Da Vinci was founded as a family-owned business and continues to be run that way today. Although they have grown to over 50 employees, they still work as a tightly knit group. With family as their foundation, integrity serves as their North Star. They care deeply about their clients, partners, and community. More than just doing things the right way, they believe integrity serves as the basis for the loyalty and trust that has propelled their ongoing success.

These beautiful collections are always available at Earth Elements. Whether building a new romantic space, or sprucing up an old one, we at Earth Elements can help provide the right materials and products to make your space passionate! Find your nearest Earth Elements Design Center and any one of our product specialists will guide you along the path to an idyllic living space.

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