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Jul 01, 2020

Let’s Talk Wallpaper

Just when you thought you had finally steamed off and stripped away the final layer of your grandmother’s chintzy wallpaper from the 80s, it is back with a vengeance. Not so long ago, everyone’s hatred for the laborious task of installing/removing the printed paper patterns had gladly shuffled wallpaper out of current trends and into a deep dark hole where everyone hoped the idea would die right alongside shoulder pads. Well, in classic Swayze fashion, wallpaper has shouted from the rooftops, “Nobody puts Baby in a corner.”

Fortunately for all you homeowners who are suddenly having flashbacks to days of stripping the awful paisley wallpaper off your first home, wallpaper has evolved tenfold since the 80s. We have come leaps and bounds from the rudimentary patterns printed on paper. Now, with new printing techniques and the availability of new substrates, installing and removing a new backdrop is far easier than what you might remember.

Here is the quick and dirty update on 2020 wallpapering, paisley is out, large print botanicals, geometric patterns, and modern designs are in (among others).

Now, we know you are familiar with the premise of installing wallpaper. So we won’t bore you with tips and tricks for how to perfectly and precisely glue paper to a wall, that is what HGTV and google are for. We want to explore how you can incorporate these new, updated designs into your home without them becoming gaudy or overbearing, unless that is what you are going for, in which case, more power to you.

Large Format Botanicals

We have seen botanical prints trending for the past couple of years, so it is no surprise that it has resurfaced as a wallpaper. These prints tend to be loud and boisterous. While we have seen them used in any and all rooms of the home, one place we love them is the powder room. This space can use its small size to its advantage. Because it is one of the smallest rooms in the house, not only is it easy to revamp, it is also the first room that comes to mind when you want to embolden your home. Furthermore, it is far less of a commitment than redesigning a sizeable room.

One way to maximize this space and design trend is to first, select your wallpaper. Once you have your print, then you can select the rest of the finishes. We are loving the simple tactic of installing wall sconces around the bathroom mirror, that incorporate one color from the wallpaper’s scheme to really make them pop. As for the remainder of the finishes for your powder room, we suggest keeping them neutral. Utilizing a basic metal finish for your faucet and mirror, while having a neutral colored vanity allows the colors from your vivacious wallpaper to shine without being too much.

Geometric Patterns

What is more satisfying than shapes with perfectly measured lines and angles? I’ll wait…

Geometric patterns have coined themselves useful in many spaces, but the one we find the most practical is in home offices. These patterns are rigid and satisfyingly so. Gone are the days of drab cubicles with posters hung of inspirational quotes coupled with a scene of a lion waiting for the perfect moment to seize today’s goal. Office trends of this year are about fun, vitality, and productivity. Geometric patterns allow the productivity to flow without feeling stifled by white walls and fluorescent lights.

Selecting a pattern can be tricky. We suggest the use of a more neutral colored wallpaper with geometric patterns for use in your office. With a neutral colored wallpaper, you have the freedom to select a fun, bold accent color. If you choose to go with something a bit more wild, we have seen that using it in only a few key points subtly incorporates your chosen color and funky print. We want you to feel comfortable and productive in the space you spend the vast majority of your week. Again, combining a fun pattern with an equally mesmerizing color lends itself best to a design with more neutral furniture.

Modern Prints

Last but not least, we are going to cover the modern take on an 80s nightmare.

How does one incorporate a modern wallpaper without running the risk of it going out of style in 5-10 years? Keep everything around it simple and minimal. We highly suggest that you pair simplistic pieces of furniture, streamlined and sleek cabinetry, and while you can incorporate a variety of textures, more patterns is something to stay away from. Too many patterns in one space has the potential to get busy fairly quick.

Select one or two accent colors that beautifully compliment your wallpaper. Then find textiles and decor of a few different textures in those colors to add to your space. Texture is an easy way to make a space feel more exciting without overstimulating guests, like multiple patterns has a tendency to do.

Though we cannot (and will not) provide or install wallpaper, we CAN help you finish your home to make your chosen print the star of the show. We have experienced product specialists who can assist you make any and all of your ideas come to life. Imagine. Let's Create.

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