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Mar 01, 2022

In Every Wood, In Every Spring, There Is A Different Green

Ahhhh March. The beginning of so much green. St. Patrick's Day. Spring Equinox. Grass begins to peak out from underneath the snow. Trees start to bloom. Why not bring some of that natural beauty into your home? Green is a tricky color, but when used correctly, it can be a breathtaking display in any room of your home. Let's look into some unique color options for your next project!

Did you know there were so many green options when it comes to tile? Pratt & Larson knows.

Pratt & Larson was founded in 1982 by husband and wife team Michael Pratt and Reta Larson. Reta’s passion for textiles and Michael’s sculptural talents are at the heart of their product line, and their commitment to artistry still informs many of their business practices today.

True art can be lost in a world of factories and cookie cutters. That’s because art doesn’t come from machines. It needs a human touch – and the care and spirit of the artist who infuses a part of themselves into their work. For a single piece of their tile to be made it must pass through 12 phases of production in their studio – each artist bringing an element of the magic to the ceramics process.

As we enter spring, ponder the option of color in your kitchen. Everyday, more and more manufacturers are offering unique color alternatives for your home! Viking believes the kitchen is no different. Read on to discover the possibilities.

Viking is infusing beauty and originality from around the globe into your home with the Contemporary Color Collection. The warm feeling of world colors, while encouraging your individual expression, is what inspired Viking to create a rousing palette that is diverse, stunning and globally influenced.

The Viking Contemporary Color Collection was proudly crafted in partnership with the experts at Sherwin Williams. Homeowners and designers will fall in love with the dynamic array of the palette. Each shade is paired with an expanded collection of colors, providing the means to create an extraordinary yet uniquely personal kitchen design tailored specifically for every user and their experiences. These fresh and innovative colors were inspired by global influences along with the unforgettable Mississippi Delta experience of colorful people, food, and culture.

Does green strike your fancy this month? Does the emerald tone call out to you? Come to your nearest Earth Elements Design Center to find the right products for your vibrant design instinct. Each one of our product specialists will assist you in your color extravaganza.

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