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Dec 27, 2018

Home Away From Home

A home away from home is a place where someone feels as comfortable as they do in their own home. This is achieved by the finishes that are carefully chosen, and the interior design aspects that are implemented.

Designing a guest bedroom can be hard – very hard, but we are here to tell you it doesn't have to be.

Thinking about all the little details can become a daunting task really quickly.

Questions start running through your head, such as - what color sheets on the bed? thread count? what color should the wall be? carpet? hardwood? what color tile in the bathroom?

With all those flooding questions let's talk about some tips to take your guest bedroom to the next level for your guests - giving them the feeling of a luxury hotel without much effort on your end.

First, think of it as a hotel room. They are your guest, and they are coming to stay somewhere that isn't their home, so the best you can do is make it feel like home for them.

And plus....the saying goes...

"look good feel good", right?

While we are on the topic of feeling good, the next step is to think about what makes you feel at home and what you like to see (or don’t like to see) when you walk into a hotel room, now implement those things you DO like to see into your guest bedroom - you can skip the stuff you don't like.

You’re pretty much half way there!

Now, let's talk about the more technical stuff.

Luxurious Simplicity.

Sometimes too much is just too much, and you feel it when it is.

When you walk into a room, whether it's a hotel room or a guest bedroom, you expect the essentials and maybe even a few accents that make the room a little more special.

But imagine a room bursting with accent pillows that take up half the bed. What about artwork taking up every inch of space on the wall? Or even a bathroom stocked to the brim with "extras"? This might be nice for some, but definitely not all.

Less is more.

Why is this important?

Life is stressful sometimes, so when your guests return to their room after a day of life events, taking time to relax is paramount. At the end of the day, a simple place to sleep or prepare for the next day is all that’s needed.

A decluttered room is a decluttered mind.

Think about it. People don’t travel just to stay in your guest bedroom (unless you are a host for a really cool Airbnb, then they might).

By keeping elements like flooring, and tile simple, you are giving way to a relaxing peaceful space.

There is nothing wrong with a little va-va boom, but when it comes to the stuff that will be there for a long time neutral is the way to go.

Give your guests some room to breathe, some space to live.

Quality over quantity.

Your guests are looking at everything with an extra keen eye. When you put quality over quantity in your space you are going to provide them with the sense of luxury without having to try too hard, and those elements will last a lifetime.

Investing in quality materials can make any room feel luxurious.

Serenity and relaxation.

Last but certainly not least, lighting.

When you walk into a well-lit room, you feel refreshed. Both natural and man-made light not only helps with mood, but it helps a lot with space.

If you have ever walked into a hotel room with only a small window and a ton of florescent lighting, you know exactly what we are talking about.

Some quick things you can do to your guest room include sheer curtains, strategically placed mirrors, and light-colored walls. They don’t have to be white, but a lighter shade will do the trick.

In terms of artificial lighting, the principle is the same. Light colored walls mixed with warm lights can create the feeling of a large yet inviting space. Another option is to look into installing dimmers for your lighting.

Turning your guest bedroom into a space that feels like home to your guests can be easy. A few simple little things can make a world of difference.

Just remember..

LUXURY doesn't have to mean leather and mahogany. It can be as simple as a well lit room with neutral colors and space for the guest to put their things.

Imagine. Let's Create.

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