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Nov 01, 2022

Holiday Helpers

Last month we delved into control in the kitchen. This month, we'd like to highlight some "holiday helpers" that may make your holiday hosting experience just a touch easier. When it comes to holiday events, there are so many different options for food, drink, desert and more. Allow us to show you some products that may save you time in the kitchen, and let you spend more time with friends, family, and more!

Beginning in 1952, Ilve started when a passionate partnership began in Italy. Mr. Illotti and Mr. Berno created appliances for local restaurants, but people started to notice and interest grew in their products. In 1965, demand for a home use version of their appliances began. Today, that passion has never waned and Ilve offers over 1000 options for their ranges. From custom colors, to personalized oven and cooktop options, Ilve has a true passion for food, look, style, and substance.

When it comes to a time saving option, Ilve offers a rotisserie option for all of their ranges (except 24" models). Be sure to check out the Majestic II, Professional Plus, and Nostalgie series of ranges for a full view of all the options.

After you pick your favorite, just take a quick look at the video below for an example of how easy it is to use the rotisserie feature.

Did you know? Wolf & Subzero has added a new branch: Cove. Cove is the newest branch from one of the best appliance manufacturers in the business. This new branch encompasses one thing, dishwashers. Cove offers a dishwasher that is near silent, customizable, requires no pre-washing, and ensures literal decades of dependability. On top of no pre-washing (a true time saver already), the DW2450WS offers a water softening option that allows you to add salt to a container inside the unit. The DW2450WS will automatically adjust the amount of salt used per wash to help counteract any hard water you may have in your system!

One last product we would like to highlight is an often forgotten about appliance. The warming drawer is a perfect addition to any kitchen, but especially during the holidays. The options are vast for a kitchen equipped with a warming drawer.

  • Keep soup hot and fresh
  • Warm up plates for serving hot food
  • Proof your own bread
  • Keep cups hot for tea or coffee
  • Finish a dish before another? Pop it in the warming drawer to keep it fresh and ready for the complete meal.

Many incredible manufacturers make warming drawers. From Wolf to Miele, check out a few options down below and pick the right one to suit your needs and style.

(One little bonus tip, they are also great for keeping towels warm in spas!)

Do you need a little extra help in the kitchen during the holidays? Make an appointment at your closest Earth Elements Design Center® to get these helpers in your home as soon as possible and get back some of your time during the busy holiday hustle-and-bustle!

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