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Oct 01, 2023

Harvesting Home Elegance

As the crisp air of autumn sweeps in, it's the perfect time to infuse a touch of warmth and sophistication into your living spaces. Just as nature adorns itself in rich hues and textures during fall, why not extend the same embrace to your home? In this season of change, we invite you to embark on a journey of transformation, where plumbing fixtures, tiles, and door hardware become the palette for creating a haven that mirrors the beauty of the fall landscape.

At the core of existence, water takes center stage for Oceania, a brand committed to maximizing its role in the home spa setting. Renowned for its premium offerings, Oceania sets itself apart with inventive and forward-thinking features. As a catalyst for innovation and style, Oceania has been dedicated to this mission for almost three decades, since its establishment in 1995. Over this period, the brand has tirelessly worked to craft distinctive products and elevate the standards of home spa environments. Oceania champions contemporary values in design, lifestyle, and sustainability, seamlessly aligning with the preferences of both trendsetting individuals and those who appreciate more traditional sensibilities.

Established in 2006 by Francisco Loera, Jean-Yves Renaud, and Mike Sousa, Haussmann Natural Stone has emerged as a prominent figure in the limestone industry. The trio, with a wealth of experience from their collaboration at a French quarry subsidiary, brought their expertise in French limestone production and supply to the forefront. Expanding their scope to include limestones from across the globe, the company diversified its product range significantly. Today, Haussmann Natural Stone stands as a leading limestone supplier in North America, boasting an inventory of over 40 distinct stones and offering virtually limitless options for bespoke projects. A key strength lies in their adept handling of extensive cut-to-size projects, catering to the discerning needs of high-end residential and commercial clients. Noteworthy projects include collaborations with industry giants such as Apple, Santa Clara University, and Stanford University. Check out a small sampling of their tiles below and see if they fit with your design needs!

In 1987, Ashley Norton embarked on its journey, initially tasked with resolving installation challenges tied to the era's leading hardware brand. Employing cutting-edge European engineering, they ventured into supplying top-tier hardware for upscale homes—products that not only exhibited aesthetic appeal but also boasted comfort and easy installation.

Throughout the years, their product range has evolved to embrace nearly every design style. The introduction of the Solid Bronze Collection in the late '90s marked a significant milestone, enabling homeowners to maintain a cohesive design theme across their dwellings. This collection offered matching hardware options for both interior and exterior doors, alongside coordinated accessories like cabinet pulls and knobs.

See the images below for a small sampling of what Ashley Norton offers!

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