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Apr 01, 2023

Design Around the World

For most people, design is an ambiguous term. It's an unlimited concept, filled with limitless possibilities. How does one even know where to start? Design should accomplish three main objectives: be memorable, be inspirational, and be educational. April 27th is World Design Day and we absolutely resonate with that! Inspiring the value of design is the entire point of World Design Day. Let's take a look at some truly unique products this month and inspire your innermost creativity.

Are you looking for something a little different for your project? Artistic Surfaces has you covered, literally. In partnership with Alex Turco, Artistic Surfaces has truly created something incredible. These decorative art panels are hand processed and are a careful fusion of photographic and digital images. The panels can be custom made to meet your requirements in terms of size, color, and finish.

Emtek has been striving to lead the hardware industry with personalized designs since 2009. Their goal has always been to compliment and personalize a home. The direction of personalization has manifested truly stunning collections, giving our clients a plethora of choices to accent their home design.


With over 70 different designs, you can be secure and stylish at the same time.

Knob and Leversets

When it comes to knobs and levers, Emtek has an ever-growing list for you to choose from.


From surface bolts to door stops, Emtek has everything you need to complete your hardware needs.

In 1992, Sara Baldwin created New Ravenna with a desire to create the world's most exquisite collection of custom mosaics. Bringing art to practical spaces, New Ravenna has established a reputation of world class customization, artistic design, and distinctive style. Browse through the gallery below to see some beautiful and practical applications of their work.

We believe all of these products are perfect examples of applications for World Design Day. Hopefully the pieces are memorable and inspirational, and we hope that we educated on what is available to you! Make an appointment with your closest Earth Elements Design Center and one of our amazing product specialists will help you get anything you need to make your design dreams a reality.

Imagine. Let's Create.

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