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Jun 01, 2021

Defying Exceptional to Achieve the Extraordinary

You’re one of a kind; you’ve made the shift from exceptional to extraordinary in life. Ideally, your surroundings need to be congruent with the level of success and happiness you’ve built. Here at Earth Elements, we specialize in unique, fun, and out of the box items.

If you’re looking to stick out in the crowd, a trip to one of our showrooms is the best first step! A truly remarkable wall covering that’s taking fine homes to the next level is Bar Wall Finishes from Bark House. These finishes are real trees that have been handcrafted to bring the outside in. The possibilities are endless with the options of panels, slabs, mantels, pole end-cuts, and fencing.

Reclaimed wood is taking the interior decorating world by storm. Our suppliers have the best of the best when it comes to the latest and greatest in selection. The custom wall shelf, mantel, coat rack, wine rack, barn door, vanity, coffee table or whatever you can dream up will be esthetically pleasing beyond your wildest imagination with the use of reclaimed wood. The photo depicted is an example of Arrigoni Woods.

Further stand out from the crowd with a custom backlit panel by Alex Turco. A deeper state of relaxation and ambiance is easily achieved with a soft, warm backlit panel strategically placed. Use of abstract backlit walls in large sitting areas is an excellent conversation piece. Give your kitchen depth and dimension with a backlit backsplash that gives an extra boost of sophistication. The masterpiece depicted is an example of Alex Turco.

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