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May 01, 2022

Be Not Afraid of Growing Slowly, Be Afraid Only of Standing Still

What does growth mean? For the month of May the classic saying goes, "April showers bring May flowers." What about your home? Have you achieved everything possible, or do you have one more project you need to accomplish? Don't let that stagnant feeling overwhelm you while looking at the oldest part of your living space. Find that perfectly new product to change that lifeless room into a soulful new creative outlet. This month, let us dive in to some of our freshest product lines to invigorate your inventive creativity.

Let us begin with our newest addition to the appliance collection: True Residential.

From their "True 48" to their "True Clear Ice Machine", True has been a forefront in the refrigeration market since 1945. When 7UP purchased their first order in 1948, the True legacy was set in stone. From that moment, True specialized in commercial refrigeration. If you have dined out anywhere between 1945 and today, there is a good chance the refrigeration in the chef kitchen is True. In 2008, True launched their "True Professional Series" of appliances and have been revolutionizing coolers, under-counters, freezers and more ever since. The most exciting thing about that addition? You can have the professional build quality of True, in your own personal home. With over 50 different customization options, when it comes to freedom in creativity, True has got you covered. See the slides below for some of our favorite combinations.

The displays above are just one example of True's varied offerings. Make sure to visit True's website for more options, then, find your nearest Earth Elements Design Center® to add one (or more) of these beautiful products to your kitchen collection.

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Appliance Collection

In 2012, Buster + Punch was formed inside of a garage. Massimo Minale started the company after working as an architect by day and building custom motorbikes by night. Massimo was able to blend both skills into what makes Buster + Punch the home fitting juggernaut that it is today. With products ranging from door handles to toilet roll holders, Buster + Punch has one of the widest selections of interior accent pieces in the market today.

Somehow simple, yet bold at the same time. This brass key escutcheon blends in to any surface you want to put a lock on.

Featuring a diamond-cut, cross-knurl pattern, this signature door knob makes a bold statement on any door.

Speaking of new and fresh, check out this skull cabinet knob from the Travis Barker Collection at Buster + Punch. Thanks to the incredible individuality of the items from this collection, no two pieces are the same.

What beautiful creations are on your mind? How can you improve and cause new growth in your home? No matter what interior finishes you need, Earth Elements has what you're looking for. Summer is just around the corner, and now is the time to plant the seeds in your mind for the next step of your desires. Find your nearest Earth Elements Design Center®, and any one of our product specialists will help guide your growing ideas!

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