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Mar 01, 2021

Bathroom Remodels Equal Cost-Effective ROI

The thought of a bathroom remodel can be an intimidating notion, however, the undertaking will go a long way in the direction of personal satisfaction and improving your quality of life. The addition of high-end fittings and eye-catching fixtures is sure to bring your bathroom to the next level of lavish. Tranquil serenity can be yours for the taking with the right supplemental touches.

Imagine the vibrant new tile adorning the floors, walls or shower. Feel the warmth of the new lighting kissing your face with radiance. Perhaps another sink or extravagant fresh cabinetry would spruce up the room to make it even more inviting. Envision yourself slipping into a warm bubble bath surrounded in the extravagance of your stone bathtub. This Kreoo Hug Tub is a fusion of marble and wood that mutually enhance the other. Convenience and convention are a unique marriage for the Hug Tub in that attractive storage compartments are designed into the product.

Kreoo Hug Tub

Step inside your current bathroom. Take a deep breath and gaze around the room. Absorb the colors, contrast, and ambiance of what’s currently in your space. Close your eyes and imagine the feeling you are desiring to achieve while enjoying your luxurious and relaxing bathroom. Visualize your new comfortably intimate yet expansive personal retreat.

If you know what you want, but are having trouble putting your finger on just the right specifications, you’re in luck! Our professional team of specialists is ready, willing, and more than capable enough to turn your dreams into reality! Schedule your appointment today to be pampered and spoiled by your very own specialist. Experience the look, feel, and energy of the showroom displays in order to make the absolute best selections for your style and taste.

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