Rosie Waite

  • Rosie “the cookie”
  • Age: 12
  • Breed: Australian Shepard

Rosie is originally from Southern California. She was trained as a search and rescue dog and served as one for many years in which she had a positive impact on numerous lives. She then was adopted at the age of 9 and made the trek from sunny California to the rainy climate of the Pacific Northwest. She recently moved from Seattle to the mountainous terrain of Bozeman where she is loving life! Her hobbies include hiking, taking dips in any body of water, fishing, hide and seek, and tuggling (talking and snuggling). A few of her other interest are snacking on pumpkin, outside and the Roomba lawn mower next store that makes her crazy as she has no idea what it is. Rosie is the best friend her humans could have.

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