Bodhi Stevens-Eischen

My owners tend to call me Bodhi, but even after 10 years with them I typically only respond to “want-a-treat ” or “want-to-go-on-a-walk”, and only stop doing bad things if they threaten me with a “want-a-bath”. Wildness runs through my veins since I spent the first 5 months of my life roaming free on a reservation in Northern Montana. Fortunately someone thought I was as cute enough to take home and I haven’t left their side since (even though they leave me when they go to Mexico every year….). You’d think fetching would also run through my veins (being part golden retriever) but I prefer long walks on the beach, through the forest, in a field, etc. especially when there are gophers or small rodents to chase. Fishing is my new favorite activity although I can’t figure out if anyone appreciates my effort to get the fish when they hook them….