The Galley

Stylish design, handcrafted workmanship, unsurpassed functionality, and built to last a lifetime – this is The Galley.  The Galley continues to establish a tradition of manufacturing high quality products for kitchens of today. From our carefully engineered double-tier sinks to each of our cleverly designed accessories, The Galley is the leader in the production of quality kitchen workstations. The Galley line is comprised of more than 50 different products, including sinks, cutting boards, bowls, colanders, drain racks, drain covers, specialty serving boards, and other unique accessories. All Galley products are developed, designed, engineered, and tested at the main production site and headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma and exported worldwide.  Important factors which contribute to the company's success are the innovative and highly engineered designs, the hand-made workmanship by highly skilled craftsmen, the simple functionality of the workstation itself, and our commitment to the highest standards of quality.Our Galley sinks are manufactured in the USA. The know-how of our production sites in the USA and the highly skilled employees is the basis for long term quality-centered production. All Galley products share the same high quality standards and are produced in accordance with such, as well as the adherence to strictest quality assurance measures and checks.The greatest amount of time spent in the kitchen is at the sink, and that experience should no longer be an afterthought in the kitchen design process. The kitchen is the hub of the home, and now, The Galley Ideal Workstation is the hub of the kitchen. Not just a kitchen sink, it is fast becoming the most important appliance in the kitchen and is literally changing the way people plan for and use their kitchens. At Earth Elements, we couldn't agree more!