Arrigoni Woods Flooring

Arrigoni Woods started with a vision, much like many a company. Theirs was to provide a unique experience in wide plank European wood flooring.  Wood is a material like no other. A material that speaks to us through all our senses. It is a part of the outdoor world placed in our homes, connecting us with nature and with the original architecture of densely forested lands. Even when it has been turned from a tree into something else, it still remains a living thing. Its cells absorb moisture and then release it again slowly. Wood thus has a balancing effect on the room environment and improves one's health.
One thing we love most about wood flooring at Earth Elements is that as a living material, wood has another excellent property: With the passage of time it gains even greater character whilst retaining its shape. The sun's rays will produce color changes that are entirely natural. Small traces are left behind as evidence of the passage of time. All these things contribute to the visual impact of a room.