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April 21, 2016 - Posted by: earthelements

Earth Elements is Bozeman's premier cabinetry supplier.  Learn more about the lines that we carry and our custom cabinetry shop too.  We are confident our selection of Bozeman cabinetry options will be just what you are looking for. 

At Earth Elements in Bozeman we work with six cabinetry manufacturers; Bentwood, Harmoni, Dakota, Dakota Dimensions, Crestwood, and David Bradley, each range uniquely in construction, style, customization, and materials.


Bentwood is based out of Lancaster, TX and has been manufacturing cabinets for 27 years. They are the most customizable cabinetry line we carry at Earth Elements and essentially will build anything you can imagine, but they also carry standard cabinets. Bentwood construction comes in many choices such as, face frame, full overly, frameless, or flush inset. All of which can be made with interior options of plywood or melamine, and drawer boxes made of plywood, melamine, or a metal “Architect”.


Harmoni is what we like to refer to as the “little sister” of Bentwood. They are also based in Lancaster, TX, in the same building as Bentwood. They use the exact same construction, craftsmanship, and precision used in Bentwood, except with less customization options, but a lot of the time that’s perfectly okay! The main difference is Harmoni will only come in frameless, but they offer 1,400 door, material and finish combinations, and at a lower price!


Dakota, based out of Sioux Falls, SD (hence the name), is very similar to Bentwood in the respect that they offer face frame, frameless, and flush inset. Their construction options contain MDF sides with a natural birch finished interior, plywood drawers, and birch plywood backing. They also can do customizable features such as color matching, which is exceptionally useful at given times.

Dakota Dimensions

Dakota “Dimensions” (referred to as Dakota’s “little sister”) which is also based out of Sioux Falls, SD only offers face frame cabinets. They are made from either a particle board with maple melamine or birch plywood. They however do not offer customization, but do cost less.


Crestwood, which is a newer cabinetry manufacturer for Earth Elements, is based out of Salina, KS. They offer customizable cabinets in frameless and face frame, as well as (drumroll please) outdoor cabinets and customizable wardrobes! Another unique aspect of Crestwood is they offer a wide selection of exotic woods.

David Bradley

Lastly, we have David Bradley, the newest cabinetry manufacturer at Earth Elements. They only offer frameless cabinets, which are made with interiors of laminated furniture board and exteriors of solid birch. David Bradley offers much less variety of choices, and is our most inexpensive cabinetry line. Trust us though, the cabinets are of high quality, we wouldn’t offer anything less than the best!

Bozeman Custom Cabinetry

Fear not, Earth Elements does not sell just third party cabinets. Attached to the design showroom is our state of the art custom cabinet shop, that specializes in custom cabinetry, doors, and furniture. Our craftsmen’s infrastructure is based on a foundation of functionality, expertise and handcrafted beauty. The team’s precision and attention to every detail will be guaranteed to make your vision come to life. 

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