Not All Grills Are Created Equal

July 13, 2017 - Posted by: earthelements

With the weather finally warming up, and backyard barbeques sounding more appealing, Earth Elements is here to provide you with the information needed to elevate your grilling experience. Too often are grills thought of as simple means of cooking outdoors, but with the number of accessories and advanced options available, you can accomplish your cooking goals no matter how creative they get. Everything from a hickory smoked roast to gourmet grilled pizza, we’ve got you covered.

Infrared Burners

Infrared grilling is one of the newest trends in outdoor cooking, due in part to its ability to emit the intense heat required to quickly cook difficult foods like steak tenderloins or fish. Infrared grills work by heating the surface that your food sits on and the food directly, rather than heating the air around it. This results in a radiated heat that can reach higher temperatures than gas or charcoal grills. A couple brands that we carry, including Blaze and Hestan, have this technology. Infrared grills are hotter, can cook food more quickly, and lock in more moisture than their gas or charcoal counterparts. They’re perfect for rotisserie cooking, broiling, or finishing your dish.

Custom Cooking Surfaces

The cooking surface of grills are also changing. Hexagonal grill rods by Blaze provide a larger surface area for steaks to sit on than traditional cylindrical ones, thus enhancing the char and even cooking temperature that everyone is after.

Kalamazoo grills take this one step further with their upgraded line of custom cooking surfaces. Made of quarter-inch solid stainless steel plates and laser-cut with specifically engineered patterns, these surfaces provide better heat distribution in tailored grilling zones for meat, fish, vegetables, and more.

Wide Array of Accessories

Have you ever cooked with a Wok on your grill? Fried chicken wings beside your grilled zucchini? How about grilling with both gas and wood at the same time? Our friends at Alfresco Grills have been hard at work designing a unique line of grill accessories that truly expand on what it means to cook outdoors. Picture yourself slow-roasting a chicken using their Indirect Roasting Pod and filling the convenient drip pan with vegetables. While the chicken cooks, you turn to your Alfresco stainless steel griddle to prepare fajitas and crisp tortillas. Finally, you drop your Fryer insert into an open slot in your grill to fry up some apple fritter rings for dessert. Voila! An impressive meal at your fingertips, without the hassle of three separate appliances cluttering your space.


Speaking of cooking desserts on the grill, the chefs at Kalamazoo came up with this awesome grilled take on a campfire classic. We love working with brands that constantly push the boundaries of what’s possible with their appliances!

Grilled Croissant S'mores

Find the recipe here!

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