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March 21, 2017 - Posted by: earthelements

Mike Wolfe, Manager of Earth Elements Cabinetry, recently led the Gallatin Gateway sales staff on an informative tour of the custom cabinetry shop. Mike shared the benefits of custom cabinets, the unique capabilities of the Earth Elements custom cabinetry shop, and what the client experience looks like. 

Why Custom?

Why should a client choose custom cabinets over a more conventional option?

  • Full Utilization of the Space - Length, height, depth... the custom cabinets will maximize every inch of your space.
  • Unique Materials - Materials such as steel, wood, leather, copper, or even shagreen can be incorporated into your project. 
  • Non-traditional Sizes - Do you need oversized cabinet doors, floating shelves, or uncommonly sized furniture? We can do it!
  • Precise Colors & Finishes - Unlike most 3rd party cabinetry companies, we are able to easily match custom colors. Our finish shop can finish both metal and wood with solvent-based, water-based, and hand rubbed oil finishes. 
  • Reclaimed Materials - Our team has strong relationships with all the major reclaimed suppliers within the area. We can find what you are looking for. 
  • Integrated Pulls - Whether considering metal, wood, or negative space, we can incorporate this into your custom design. 

What are the Capabilities of the Shop?

Earth Elements Custom Cabinet Shop has an arsenal of advanced tooling including: the largest CNC router, wide belt sander, and only PUR glue system for our edge-bander in the Valley. We also have the only equipment to process raw veneer, along w/ 2 presses. The combination of these tools allow us to build and design anything imaginable.  

  • Veneer - We have the capability to grain match across large runs of cabinetry, paneling, or the combination of both.
  • Doors - If you need a custom design, two sided materials, or something large or oversized, we have you covered. 
  • Incorporated Metal - Highly skilled, our designers and carpenters can execute integrated pulls, veneer, and hidden bookcases. 
  • Fine Finishes - Our cabinet finishers are able to perfect your piece at our in-house shop. 
  • Install Crew - Our crew is well trained, very professional, and are even skilled in using AutoCAD. 

What Can a Client Expect from Earth Elements Cabinetry?

  • Initial Meeting - This includes showroom visits and selection of materials. 
  • Shop Drawing Process - Multiple revisions are included in this process once we have taken detailed measurements on site. 
  • Finish Samples - Multiple rounds of finish development allow our team to customize your look. 
  • Site Visits - We coordinate with installers, your contractor, and any other subs on the job. 
  • Coordination within all Departments - We want to make sure that your custom cabinet project is designed with consideration of all other related materials, schedules, etc. 

For more ideas and information on a few select cabinet lines we carry, check out our blog post on kitchen cabinets. 

We would be thrilled to discuss your custom ideas for doors, cabinetry, or whatever else you might dream up. Feel free to call our Gallatin Gateway Design Center at 406-414-7040 and ask to speak to an expert in the custom cabinetry shop.  #ImagineLetsCreate

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